Blue Cross BandThere has been a variety of exciting sessions recently at The Vibe Recording studio in Fort Myers, Fl. Shannon Larkin (Godsmack), Tony Rombola (Godsmack), Rafar John, and Brian Carpenter of the band, Blue Cross, recorded the song “Devil In Me”. The song was recorded and mixed by Chad Zuchegno at The Vibe Recording Studio and mastered at Sterling Sound by Justin Shturtz. Chad used a matched pair of Telefunken Elam 260’s as overheads on Shannon’s drums with stellar results.

The song, Queen of Hearts (an orchestral tribute to Princess Diana), composed by Lucius Craig Cervantes and recorded by the London Symphony Orchestra at Abbey Road, was mastered by Tony Catania and Chad Zuchegno, utilizing The Manley Massive Passive and Thermionic Culture Phoenix mastering compressor.

Artist Dani Dease completed her album, Born to Live, which was recorded and mixed at The Vibe Recording Studio by Chad Zuchegno. The album was released by Sunjewell Records and produced by Julian Sundby, who flew in Nashville recording artists Kent Slucher, James Cook, Dan Cohen and Jake Clayton to record on the album. Chad mixed the album using the studios SSL 4040g console with automation from the original SSL G series computer. Chad also utilized a variety of outboard gear to mix the album, including a Vintage Blue stripe 1176, a Tube-Tech CL1B, A Retro 176, a Retro Double wide, Empirical Labs Distressors, and a Bricasti M7.

The USA Freedom Kids recorded vocals for their upcoming album with Executive Producer Jeff Popick and Engineers Charlie Lukes and Frank Gillis. The Freedom Kids vocals were recorded on a vintage U87, which was custom modified by Klaus Heyne (German Masterworks) with a API 512 preamp and Tube-Tech CL1B compressor.

Artists Adam Martin and Dave Hale of Blackbird Anthem recorded an EP at the studio with producer Julian Sundby and engineer Charlie Lukes. Charlie mixed the album almost entirely in analog using the SSL 4040g, a Vintage Blue stripe 1176, a Focusrite ISA 115 EQ, a Tube-Tech CL1B, A Retro 176, Empirical Labs Distressors, a Bricasti M7, vintage Lexicon PCM70 and vintage Lexicon PCM41. The non profit (501c3) organization Hero Song, which raises money to record songs for artists who are Veterans and first responders sponsered their first project Streetlights for artist Adam Martin, produced by Julian Sundby and engineered by Charlie Lukes.

Adanita Ross also had her album, It’s Already Written, mastered at the studio by Engineer Charlie Lukes, who used The Manley Slam, Massive Passive and Thermionic Culture Phoenix mastering compressor.

The Vibe Recording was founded in 2008 by Engineers Chad Zuchegno and Charlie Lukes, with the idea that great recordings happen “when the vibe was right.” They envisioned a studio with an ultra relaxed recording environment, filled with as many classic gear standards as possible. Since opening its doors in 2008 the studio has opened a B room and started a recording institute. The Vibe Recording Institute is certified by The Florida Commission for Independent Education to teach Modern Recording Arts. The school focuses on a hybrid approach to modern recording, exposing students to the latest recording software, as well as classic analogue gear. The facility also has 12 band practice rooms and a showcase room with a stage for bands to try out songs for small groups.