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Studio A is a great choice for full bands, multiple singers, acoustic instruments and large mixes. The record room contains two vocal booths, a live drum room and two amp chambers. The control room features a SSL 4040 G console with fully functional G series computer, and also has an impressive selection of high end analogue preamps, compressors and effects processors.

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Studio B is perfect for solo vocal recordings, voice-overs, CDG karaoke sessions, acoustic or electric guitar recordings as well as audio editing, mixing and video projects. The single recording booth is larger then the ones in studio A and contains a video screen which can display the current protools session, video files or a video link to the studio B control room. The Studio B control room contains a control 24 control surface, Protools HD 2 with apogee and Digidesign A/D convertors, A Shadow Hills Equinox for analogue summing, a UA 6176 channel strip, SSL G series bus compressor and various other high end preamps.

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