The Vibe Recording is one of the most creative and supportive environments in south Florida. I was a student of Chad and Charlie (the owners) and they are some of the most supportive people I have met. They focus very heavily on the advancement of their students providing them with an internship and the chance to keep coming back to the class even after the program is finished. Students learn how to conduct themselves in a commercial recording session and how to work the SSL mixing console and outboard gear. Recording here is very comforting and inviting. The engineers are very easy to work with and will work as quickly as possible to provide you with the right sound for any of your audio needs. Whatever genre of music, advertisement, or voice-over, these guys have the best resources to make your recording sound as good as possible. “The Vibe Recording Institute Graduate”
Donnie Anderson
I started working with Vibe Recording back in 2011. Since then I have recorded over 200 songs with them. I have found them to be very professional as well as very personable.Not only are they very professional, but they are very fair in how they charge for their services. I found that when I record they are very cooperative in addressing my concerns. They have also worked with other music producers who have provided me with master copies of my work. I would recommend them to anyone who needs the services that they offer. “The Vibe Recording customer since 2011”
Steven Colletti,
I love, and highly recommend the Vibe! It’s a great group of people there who are passionate about helping artists make great music. But best of all, they have spectacular equipment- Neumann mics, Manley mic pres, and the most beautiful SSL 40ch analog console that makes the music sound like aural velvet, all at reasonable prices. My debut album was recorded there and it sold over 40,000 copies. I’ve looked at all recording studios in SWFL (and have used several of them) but always come back to the Vibe. “Customer since 2013”
Tim Russell
This recording studio has changed my world. I am so appreciative of Charlie and Chad and the knowledge that they share. “Vibe Recording Institute Graduate 2015”
Jeremy Defrehn
I took my audio engineering class at The Vibe. I absolutely recommend it to anybody interested in learning the right way to record and mix audio. Great facility full of great gear and awesome people! “The Vibe Recording Institute Graduate 2014”
Josh Baker
You won’t find a better studio! Great people, incredibly talented engineers, top of the line equipment, real pros.
Adam Martin 2017
All these people are great to work with and really know their trade. I’ve known Chad for over 15 years and he has the highest work ethics. You won’t find a better place in South West Florida to do a video or recording.
Dan Moore 2016, DMNetSolutions
Allie Dustin’s face hurt from smiling all day! Chad and Julian brought out the best in her and are true professionals. We had an absolute blast and learned so much!
Leah Lambert-Dustin 2013
My Favorite studio in Fort Myers! It truly has a great Vibe!!
James Cook 2015